GDAX Will Open the Bitcoin Cash/BTC Order Book on Wednesday

Are you looking to trade in your old bitcoin with its high fees and slow transactions for a brand new bitcoin cash' Or, you just want to offload the bitcoin cash you have been holding since the fork' Either way, there is some good news for customers of GDAX. The exchange will start offering BCH/BTC trading again in a couple of days.


Last month Coinbase was forced to halt bitcoin cash trading on both platforms soon after it started, botching the launch. Besides operational problems like an inability to handle all the traffic to specific BCH liquidity issues, the company was also accused by many clients of enabling insider trading. Last week the general manager GDAX Adam White tried to answer these concerns in his retrospective on the controversial launch.

'Limit-Only' Mode

The GDAX team explains that: “The decision to move a market from 'post-only' to 'limit-only' to 'full trading' mode is made at the discretion of our Market Operations team. When making this decision we consider factors such as order book liquidity and price volatility.”

The trading venue will also institute new order maximums and minimums for its trading books, starting January 16.

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